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Eva Profile

Building Confident & Empowered Nurses & Nurse Leaders

Building Confident & Empowered Nurses & Nurse Leaders

Hi, I'm Eva.

I’m a nurse with 41 years of international nursing and leadership experience. I’m passionate about two things:

Hi, I'm Eva.

I’m a nurse with 41 years of international nursing and leadership experience. I’m passionate about two things:

I believe that with the right help and support, you can learn to manage stress effectively and feel empowered to stand up for your own needs in the workplace, without sacrificing yourself in the process. You can also learn how to be an effective and confident leader when supported by someone who really gets you and who understands how hard nursing can be.

Why am I so passionate about helping you?

I know from first-hand experience how difficult it is to find support from someone who understands the pressure that nurses are under today. I also know that as a nurse you are extremely busy and there’s very little time for your own self-care, and even if you had more time, you’re too exhausted to do anything with it.

I’ve been in situations in the nursing profession that have severely affected my confidence. A few years ago, my employment position was abolished following a financial restructure, something that I found really hard to deal with on a personal level.

I loved my job and I loved developing my team. When my position was abolished it felt like I lost my identity as a nurse. I always thought that I was a strong person and had good boundaries around my self-care and stress management.

I lost my job almost overnight and it really affected me deeply on a personal level. I fell into what I now describe as a huge wallowing hole, with no idea about how to get out.​

Whilst I could make sense of what was happening, I found myself engaging in regular negative self-talk. Maybe it was my age? Or maybe I didn’t have the right skills or that I wasn’t doing my job properly? As a result of blaming myself, I lost confidence in my abilities as a leader and I had no idea what to do next.

I felt overwhelmed, lost, and many job application rejections were personal and painful. The rejections made my situation even worse, to the point where I stopped applying for jobs at all.​

My employer offered me ‘meaningful work’, which was a nicely framed way of saying that I would be re-deployed to any vacant position. I have always been an independent person and I felt very strongly that I wanted to be in charge of my own career path. I didn’t want to be placed in a role that I didn’t choose.

Lost for answers, I decided to hire a coach. It changed my life.​

Over time, coaching slowly helped me to see that I could use my skills, knowledge and experience in a different way. I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel and suddenly there was hope. I started a journey of self-discovery that led me to study to become a coach to be able to help others in the same way that I had been helped.

I wanted to help others overcome the struggles that I had been through myself. ​​

I made the tough decision to leave my job and to set up my own coaching business, dedicated to helping nurses and midwives put themselves first so that, ultimately, they can be better nurses while enjoying their work and making a difference.

This is why I do what I do because I want all nurses to feel supported. I believe every nurse should have access to coaching and support so that they can learn the tools to help them in their role.

Ways That Working With Me Can Help You

I am a professionally qualified coach using the step by step GROW model as a structured process that helps you identify your goals, understand your reality, consider your options and identify the way forward. My client testimonials provide facts and proof about how coaching works.

Many of my nursing clients have taken senior nursing opportunities as a result of being coached by me. As your coach I offer the freedom and flexibility to be coached where you want, when you want at a time that works for you over Zoom.

As a coach I have impacted many nurses’ lives, helping nurses to achieve personal growth, become authentic leaders and build successful teams.

I have 39 years of international nursing experience. When you work with me I help you to understand the big picture. You will learn about  evidence based tools that can help you on your journey to self-mastery as a nurse leader 

There is no greater reward than to see a struggling nurse turn things around and take control of their career and wellbeing. I love seeing women who have lost their confidence or feel like an imposter in a management role, develop into confident, authentic, and empowered leaders.

This is what inspires me to get up every day and work as a coach.

My leadership values

Leading with integrity
Developing capability
Inspiring change
Growing nurse leaders of the future

Things my clients say

My clients tell me that they value my patience, listening skills, empathy, respect, positive encouragement, belief in their capabilities, energy, gentle but challenging approach, and my support.

My Business Superpowers

My three business superpowers (based on feedback from clients):


I can easily see through the complexity, helping you to focus on where to invest your time and energy.

As you know only too well, nursing is a relentless juggling and balancing act. You need to continually prioritise taking care of other people and other tasks whilst feeling unsupported yourself. But don’t worry, help has arrived! I help you prioritise time and work through the complexity to focus on what matters most, in a positive, open, honest and professional way. No more feeling like you are chasing your tail or flying by the seat of your pants. Get on top of things personally and professionally and discover how it feels to thrive!


I’m a people person, good at resolving people issues with integrity and compassion.

You know how sometimes when you are under pressure and feeling stressed you can’t always see the wood for the trees. You just keep your head down and keep going with the firefighting. You don’t want to admit that you are feeling overwhelmed in case your colleagues think that you aren’t a capable nurse manager. I understand how that feels. I provide a safe non-judgemental, confidential space where you can express how you are feeling without feeling like having to pretend that you are holding it all together.


I’m kind and compassionate whilst providing clear, structured personal support.
You know how tough being a nurse manager is, everyone expects you to know the answers and to accommodate their last-minute requests. You are expected to be everything to everyone with no time to be compassionate towards yourself. I can help you to learn how to be compassionate towards yourself first, to be better able to help others and feel in control of yourself and your workload. I do this with compassion in a clear and structured way, holding you to account to make sure that you achieve your goals, a bit like tough yet compassionate love. This is what my nurse clients tell me that they value after being coached by me.

Superpower #1: I cut through the complexity to help you focus on what matters most.

These are some of the things that you will find on my CV

  • Registered Nurse
  • International senior leadership experience in the UK, Qatar and Western Australia
  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Certified Global Leadership Coach
  • Certified Global Team Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of the Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360)
  • Codebreaker Global: Level 3 B.A.N.K Coach & Trainer
  • Accredited Resilience at work (R@W) Assessor

Strategies to help you as a Nurse Leader

My e-book details 10 strategies that can really help you be the best leader you can be.

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