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What My Clients Say

If you ever wonder about what this whole coaching thing is and how it can help you, take a look at the feedback from my clients after working with me.

My mission is to make coaching accessible to all nurses because I know it can help you in so many ways.

Eva was such a wonderful guide through my first coaching experience. I was unsure about the usefulness of coaching at the start; however, I quickly realised that coaching could be whatever you need it to be, and Eva made me feel so comfortable that I was able to be open and honest. Eva helped me with identifying the root cause of the issues I was having with my project and supported me in requesting the tools I needed from my manager to complete it. I would highly recommend Eva to anyone undertaking coaching, especially to introduce someone to the coaching world.

The thing that I most enjoyed about coaching was being able to express myself freely, free of judgement, and the guidance around tasks I struggled with, such as prioritisation and support to ask my manager for the tools I needed to complete desired tasks.

Sarah-Kathleen Colliss
Registered Nurse CNS – Clinical Team Lead | Nunyara Aboriginal Health Unit. NSW

Coaching with Eva was invaluable! She possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge, enhancing the recommendations and learnings she shares. Eva provides actionable strategies and engaging activities to identify and develop leadership goals and styles. Eva created a safe space to discuss challenging experiences and I always left my session feeling empowered!

What I enjoyed the most was engaging with an expert in nursing leadership, someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I have already recommended coaching to a colleague.

Emma Jenkins
Clinical Nurse Consultant in Emergency, September 2023

I had the best coaching experience with Eva. She is honest, straightforward, knowledgeable, empathetic and caring. She listens with all her heart. She tries to understand what you say before making a comment. She helped me figure out what I wanted to do, and which area of Nursing I wanted to go into. You have no idea how confused I was with where I was heading, but now, I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. She helped me get back my confidence, and she kept reminding me that I always have a choice. 

I enjoyed how Eva made me feel so powerful and confident in every conversation I had with her. She seems to say all the right words that I needed to hear.

I highly recommend Eva, and in fact, I have recommended her to colleagues and friends. 

Margot Stacy
RN, Western Australia, April 2023

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in coaching with Eva. I feel more confident in the direction I am going in my career. Eva was able to support me through a transition into a more senior role with my organisation.

Eva is a highly skilled and practical coach who has the ability to see through what you might see as chaos and provide you with direction or a way forward. If you feel like you’re in a holding pattern, Eva can help you move forward. towards a destination

Senior Nurse, Tasmania, March 2023

Eva helped me to reflect on and re-establish my goals. She also helped me reflect on my own decisions and behaviours – a little uncomfortable for me at first but her gentle and wise approach offset some of this discomfort and I achieved some great personal growth.

She helped me to understand that I always had a choice. I truly felt listened to and supported to set and achieve my goals. I found tremendous value in the coaching bundle I purchased. Each session was more valuable than the last and it was nice to see the progression.

Coaching with Eva gave me the benefit of providing a safe space to explore my work and life values,  inner thoughts, decisions, and drivers. Eva’s approach made me feel safe to explore and reflect on my own behaviours and I feel this came at a really important time for me when I was burnt out and frustrated with never feeling enough at work or at home.

Eva’s approach has allowed me to build confidence again and for that, I will always be grateful.

Nurse Unit Manager
Western Australia, April 2022

I signed up for half a year and thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the investment. The coaching has helped define my goals and ensure they are matched to my values and aspirations. Coaching has helped me stay on track with what I am trying to achieve and has kept me accountable. I intend to continue since I have not reached all my goals but I am determined to do so. It has helped me to “prune” as well as make some heavy decisions in my working and private life. Before I had coaching I had too much on my plate, being presented with many different opportunities and not always sure which one to accept. This meant that I had the tendency to say yes to everything by fear of missing out or saying no to the wrong one.

I most definitely feel that I received the right amount of value for the money I paid!

Seeing my appointment coming up spurred me to ensure that I had achieved what I supposed before the deadline! I didn’t meet all my goals but Eva was very good and appropriately firm in keeping me on track.

Mental Health Nurse, Perth WA

Before I had coaching I felt low confidence, less motivated, confused with no clear goals. After I completed my coaching sessions I felt very confident, motivated, energised and I have gained more clarity to grow professionally. Every session was highly valued and powerful.I have been recommending coaching to all new nurse leaders. I don’t think there was anything that was least enjoyable. I enjoyed every session very well and it was a real privilege to have Eva as my Coach.

Director of Nursing, ACT

Before coaching I felt uncertain about professional direction, questioning my view on my present position in my career. Questioning my professional intuition. Following my coaching sessions I felt that I had clearer direction in my professional development, greater insight and understanding of my areas that need improvement and reiteration of my areas that are my greatest strengths. I think it is important to recognise that this is professional coaching with a clear structured personal approach according to your individual needs. I would highly recommend coaching. I found working with Eva as my coach was open, honest and with a professional structure that was tailored to my individual needs. There was nothing that I least enjoyed, I embraced all.

Nurse Unit Manager, Perth WA

Before I started working with Eva I felt directionless and lacking confidence. After working with Eva I felt focused, rejuvenated, and acknowledged. I enjoyed the structure of the discussion and homework the most! At the beginning of my coaching I was somewhat hesitant and not sure exactly what I needed or what I was looking for, Eva was able to assist me to reflect, focus and recognise my qualities. Coaching has absolutely assisted me to get to the next exciting point in my career. I Highly recommend coaching for people who are at a fork in the road, stuck in the bitumen or needing a different perspective. Back yourself and do something for you, you are worth it!

Executive Nurse Western Australia

I felt a little nervous as I had never had this type of coaching before. At the end of my coaching I felt more confident and prepared to complete the tasks which I received coaching for. Eva was very encouraging and provided valuable feedback and resources to me.
I enjoyed both sessions. However; if I had to pick it would be the visualisation (neuro linguistic programming) technique. I really enjoyed this exercise and it helped me feel more confident and empowered and I will definitely be utilising this tool in the future! I have passed her details on to some friends.

Student Nurse, Perth WA

It was really helpful discussing and working through career goals and options available to me, and formulating the start of a strategy to achieve those goals. I was feeling devalued in my current work situation, but Eva enabled me to recognise my strengths and uncover unique and exciting opportunities. I definitely feel more empowered to pursue a direction in my career that utilises and compliments the skills, experience and assets I have. Thank you Eva.

Nurse Educator, Perth WA

My name is Kirstie Page and I’m a artist specialising in creating uplifting artworks that spark joy and bring comfort together with work at an aged care facility as an administrator and dementia educator. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to receive some coaching from Eva Storey. At the beginning of our session I expressed to Eva that I felt quite overwhelmed. Like many women of a “certain age”, life is incredibly busy and at times trying to juggle many responsibilities and family pressures was taking its toll; increasingly emotionally and physically.

When those feelings are combined with day to day work in the aged care sector my stomach felt tight and my thoughts were whirling. It was making it even harder to effectively do my job. (I’m not sure about you, but I feel there are a a unique set of pressures that exist for people working in the aged care sector that people outside the field often don’t understand. That’s why Eva was so perfect for me even though I’m not technically a nurse…)

Over the course of the session, Eva helped me work on my mindset. Together we developed very helpful, practical strategies. I’ve since gone on to apply these strategies at work. Lo and behold, my stomach is calm and my mind is clear! I’m so grateful for the genuine difference Eva has made for me. If you’re feeling like I was, I’d really urge you to get in contact with her. It honestly helped me, and I believe it can help you too… Thank you Eva.

Dementia Educator, Administrator & Artist

When it was suggested to me to seek support from coaching, I found this an unusual concept as a nurse and was unsure what I would gain. Now after five sessions and a year on I could not imagine not having this support. The journey provided me a balance and opportunity to understand myself more whist working in a healthcare system which is increasingly demanding. In the session’s conversations would be targeted at my needs and were open within my comfort zone. I was able to understand myself, develop resilience and strategies to support my role as a nurse and manager. But importantly I had time to pause and reflect in a meaningful way. After each session I would leave with a challenge to extend myself and move out of my comfort zone. When I did it was surprisingly refreshing and I found my role as a nurse more rewarding. I love my role and being a nurse and am very grateful I have coaching to support me.

Nurse Coordinator, Infection Control